Top 10 best adobe max (plus, cs5.5 contest!)

Last Update 2 November 2011 G.

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I’m sure these things in brackets are the most exciting part of this title for all of you, so I’ll come first! Yes, we are.

But, first of all, I’d like to share my 10 most coolest things at Adobe MAX conference, which I attended a couple of weeks ago …

Although some things are in MAX, where it’s definitely cooler than the others. Here are my peaks for the top ten …

10. The biggest game of Angry Birds EVER.

Look at the video of Andrew’s presentation more …


By the way, you can.

9. The Rubbadub Trick.

At the end of my last day, Adobe hosted a session called

Rubbadub is a supplement to the Premiere Pro program, Adobe’s video editing program. The contribution seems to have completely eliminated the discrepancies between video and audio tracks. In the demo-demo engineer Adobe, who created Rubbadoub, took the stage from the office and positioned an excellent Indian voice over Dwight’s lines. Without Rubbadub, the take is obvious and does not look very well; they are well synchronized with it. Awesome …

You can see the video for the rest of the cranes.

8. Mini-Fantasia in Mi’ame Presentation.

It was a presentation that we saw before a preliminary conference was held on the basis of education the day before MAKS actually started work. The Mini-Fantasia project shows how powerful the mixed media can be; it produces a ton of the rendered live symphony orchestra to create a truly unique experience for the audience …

7. New Sony tablets.

Some see 2011 as the Year of the Tablet, and that certainly seems to be ringing. In addition to all the Galaxy Tabs that we saw at MAX (there really wasn’t an iPad of love for obvious reasons), there were new offers from other companies ..

One of the most interesting was Sony’s S1. This 9.4 “ tablet.

While there are several things in S1 that could be improved-for example, my first impressions of the built-in speakers were not in all of these stellar-S1, it seems that he does this mostly correctly. Look at Morgana’s video on S1 below for more information …


6. The Nonsafe Tournament 3, WORKING IN BRAKER.

As a big fan of “UT3” (I’m actually more of a white gun guy; all those “Gara Wars” is not my cup of tea), I was.

The game still uses Unreal 3 for all heavy graphics, but Flash allows you to work in a browser. Just imagine what that means for the future, especially with cloud computing that takes this prevailing attitude-we could go into Steam from our browsers at some point and play all our games there ..


5. Dwight Schring Hosts the MAX Awards.

Ryan Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute from The Office, was awarded the MAX Prize this year. I’m sad to say I didn’ t get the photo op …

4. Photoshop Touch.

Adobe has introduced quite a lot of new applications for the MAX tablets, but the one that was definitely the most likely was Photoshop Touch (this was seen by all the bloggers surrounding Touch props, not by other applications, during the press lunch in which I was present) ..

While there is already a mobile version of Photoshop, Touch seeks to be much more powerful and useful. Adobe positions it as an option for designers who want to leave the office for some time or who need to do some design work during the trip …

Photoshop Touch has really cool features, one of which is.

Verify Morgan’s video function to get more information …


3. Adobe MAX Playground.

Adobe, of course, doesn’t pull any punches when she comes to the conference show. In addition to the booths for several companies, they also set up a “Max Playground”, which included gaming stations with triple-monitor, Dirt 3, basketball hoops, Angry Birds, Lego and more ..


If MAX Playground was entertaining snacks, MAX Bash was the main course. This huge party took place right after the “Snow White” session, just outside the Nokia theater, and it was.

The bash’s culmination was an amazing performance from Weezer. I’ve never been to such a big conference, but the MAKS Party certainly impressed me …

1. A huge display of the Adobe perspective while working with Keynotes.

From everything that was shown at the MAX conference, it’s still the one that got me the most. I’ve seen videos on YouTube before, but I’ve never seen how it’s done in real life. This projecting video of the 300ft x 50ft screen at the Nokia theatre on both major days of the conference, and it was simply stunning. I’ll check …


So, this is the part you’ve all been waiting for …

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